Martín Morales

About me

You have arrived in this site to know more about me probably. Let's find out.


This is Martin Ignacio Morales, you can call me Martín (Marteen) o Nacho (even someone has called me Martinacho). I'm mechatronic engineer however I work as Android mobile developer since 2020. Currently I'm based in Mexico.

Me in a desertic trip
Sandboarding dunes, 2023

Being a little more detailed

I was born on June 17th, in Guadalajara, Mexico. I've always been a little impatient, curious about how things work, and I used to disassemble calculators, watches and other devices. I was one of those who finished school activities quickly so they could do other things like draw or play with classmates.

I graduated from a preparatory program in Computer Science, where I discovered a passion for programming and software creation. However, I also enjoyed electronics and circuits, occasionally experimenting with capacitors.

Then I graduated from Mechatronic Engineering with the dream of working in robotics, but after realizing the opportunities in the labor market, I decided to return to software development.

After finishing my engineering degree, I began working in small businesses to increase my work experience, but unfortunately, I did not find my best professional version. With the arrival of the covid pandemic in 2020, I changed my professional career againg in which I finally feel good and enjoy what I do as an Android mobile developer.

I currently work as an Android developer for a company from home (thank you remote job), occasionally visiting the office for specific reasons.


I spend most of my time at home, but I occasionally travel or engage in sports.

However, I am occasionally on Instagram, writing code and making projects on Github or simply playing videogames in the Nintendo Switch.