Martín Morales

Creative environments

I’ve always believed that a space or location is where new ideas or actions emerge. I’m one of those people who has to improvise and look for opportunities almost all of the time.

However, I frequently experience mental paralysis during work activities. The only way to overcome this paralysis is to leave my physical and mental environment. That is, I want to get out of the house, whether it’s to go shopping or simply to go to the park and disconnect from my blocking state.

In general, disconnecting leads me to a solution or a different way of seeing what was blocking me. It’s not a joke that there are memes where you can find a solution to a bug on line 724 that has taken you some days of a sprint in the shower or sleeping.

My question now is: does creativity thrive in certain environments? Solving math problems on the way to school on the bus or subway is unlikely to be fruitful. However, it may assist you in finding a philosophical answer to life’s questions upon returning home.

It is possible that there are specific environments for specific creativities.

Finally, I’ve included a few questions for companies looking to require their employees to return to the office and abandon the home office. Is the office a source of creativity?, Are companies prepared to deal with a creative block among their employees?

This post is part of the IndieWeb Carnival initiative, the topic is about creative environments. It would be great to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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