Martín Morales


The collection of items that I frequently use in both my digital and real lives. I'd like to share you some of my things based on the initiative /uses.


Since Covid, I've been working from home. I go to the office three times a month, but I spend the majority of my time developing software at home.

To create an optimal mobile development environment, I use a Mac Book M1 (2020) connected to a 27-inch Dell monitor (P2719HC), my keyboard Skyloong GK68XS (65%) and mouse MX Master 3S are connected through Bluetooth. Furthermore, I own a 13-inch HP laptop that I use for personal purposes.

My setup
My setup

All of this hardware is mounted on a fixed crystal desk (I can't remember the brand). A few peripherals are connected to a Dell adapter. I'm currently sitting on a Corsair T3 Rush chair and listening to music through my Galaxy Buds2. I occasionally use the C920 webcam for work meetings.

I often need to have some documents on hand, so I use the Epson L4160 for printing and scanning.

In general, I read all of my digital books on my 10th generation Kindle Paperwhite.

I recently purchased a Samsung S24+ phone and used it with a Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Buds2 mentioned lines above. I also have an A72 which I use for mobile development testing.


I will soon post a list of all the apps I use personally, but here is the list I use at work:


Not only does the man live for work, but also for the entertainment he can receive.