Martín Morales

Post elections - Acceptance

Finally, the electoral process in Mexico concluded yesterday, with widespread citizen participation and voting for the best candidate to represent us.

On this occasion, the voting process was extremely efficient (I took 15 minutes to emit my vote) and I applauded electoral coordination in my living zone. I’ve seen many people complain about the long lines of people waiting under the sun to vote and a few looking for special urns.

Additionally, this electoral process resulted in the first female president in our country’s history, she’ll serve as president for the next six years. However, I disagree with the proposals presented throughout her campaign. I just hope she does better work than the current president.

Some close friends and family members have also expressed unhappiness with this decision, but what can we do? If another 30 million people think differently than us, that is a democracy, and I am grateful for its existence in this country.

The only things we can do for now are accept that decision and continue with our lives.

Yep, Mrs. Tweedy will be our new president.

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