Martín Morales

UDG spring cup volleyball


Our volleyball team was invited to participate in the spring tournament organized by the University of Guadalajara a couple of weeks ago. This tournament began last weekend, and we will face off against the best teams in the metropolitan area.

We played four games in the first round of group stages and won them all. We advanced to the quarter-finals, where the game was challenging, the scoreboard was closed and the adrenaline level increased with each point played.

In the semifinals, we eliminated the team that won the previous cup with a small points difference. We were exhausted and had little time to recover before playing in the final.

We lost in the final by two points in each set and finished in second place. It was difficult to accept at first, but by remembering and analyzing our journey, we changed our mindset and received our medal with pride, with the task of preparing for the next tournament.


It’s amazing to meet people you’ve never met before, old friends you haven’t seen in a long time, and new friends who are entering your life.

The importance of resilience and mental work is highlighted when you are below the marker; if you have let the ball drop on your side, you must mentally remind yourself that it will not happen again and control your emotions in the moment. It’s crucial to support your teammates, whether the team loses or wins.

When a group of people have the same goal as you, it leads to interesting results. The team was focused on winning the cup from the first game; we did not succeed, but the outcome was very good.

Second place medal
Second place medal, Spring cup volleyball

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