Martín Morales

A special match

Today we had a special volleyball match in tournament, we played against Evolution team. I am used to train with them, some players are my friends. I can say that this match is a kind of derby.

I remember that we had faced them in the same tournament in October last year. However we won because they didn’t have enough players to play. Thus, this volleyball match was expected to be unique and was framed as a revenge match.

The result of the match was favorable for us, we won in two sets: the score in the first set was 25 - 22 and second set was 25 - 11.

We faced a difficult first set, they performed superbly, and the score was close. However, the score differed significantly in the second set. They seemed to be gradually losing attitude as we were winning some points. We finished the match quickly because of the drastic difference in pace.

Overall, we agreed that we expected more from the match, such as a closer score or the possibility of a third set. But it did not happen.

Matchday 24, standings
Matchday 24, standings

Our team is now focused on remaining games, I’m not sure if they are two or three. We remain undefeated and do not have intention to lose this tournament.

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