Martín Morales

Unnecessary election campaigns

The presidential election season began a few months ago for some political parties, but we have been legally hearing and watching the same political shit since March.

Election campaigns in Mexico are bombarded with political party marketing, with advertisements and commentary on “the best candidate” everyday and everywhere. However, an old saying describes what is currently happening with the candidates: the same old thing.

In many cases, the candidates use the same strategies to attack one another; there is no added value that makes you wonder if it is worth voting. Since the beginning of the millennium, political narratives have focused on exposing the falsehoods of opponents and attempting to “defend” themselves (or divert attention to other information).

Maybe I’m exaggerating, but since I’ve had the right to vote (this will be my third time voting), a similar topic has run through all of the presidential or governor debates.

Now, voters do not vote for the best candidate, but rather the least bad.

This situation is a concern because there are a lot of issues in the country that urgently need to be addressed, such as insecurity, education, and health. However, these topics do not seem to be important for the candidates; their goal is to get the presidency title and represent their political party.

We haven’t voted yet; we’ll do it next June 2nd, and everything points to the fact that we’ll have six more years of unaccomplished promises, corruption, nepotism, and bad decisions that will sink this beautiful country.

What will I do? exercise my right and my obligation to vote. There is something that I apply to my life that could help me decide: whether the results are bad, then change the process. That will do for these election votes.

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